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We are trying to improve your user experience so that you enjoy coming back! is analyzing your local audience to make sales associates more accessible. Your web usage is anonymously reported to our data partners via GDPR approved mediums only. We provide limited data to Facebook & Google in order to improve your satisfaction and enjoyment.


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A web user can opt-in to email updates using an embedded subscription form. Every email thereafter includes an easy to find “unsubscribe” link. Our partners track and store user data anonymously using Google Tags and Facebook Pixels. We analyze but do not create any content or community feedback, so is not responsible for any messages or comments online or in person. To stay within our website, you must agree that will be held harmless of any action or negligence of any service providers, subscribers, clients or partners that participate in the global community.


Privacy for Clients and Brand Partners

At signup, our clients willingly provide their contact details, photo and links. Their contact info is securely stored and publicly displayed on their platform and social channels. Their logins, contacts, private data and strategies will never be shared with any 3rd parties for any reason.


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