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Your FB Business

Settings > Page Roles > Add

[email protected]

Please use your computer

Watch this video to learn more

1. Select your Facebook Business page (or create one)
2. From your Business page, click "Settings" in the upper-right
3. Select "Page Roles" from the left-side navigation
4. Type in my email address as an Editor: [email protected]
5. Press the Add button and close the window!

Once this step is accomplished, we can move on – thanks for your time today!

Setup Instagram

Setup Instagram

1 billion active monthly users!

Instagram is designed to promote your business!
Let’s make sure it is properly connected to your platform.

Instagram should be your preferred marketing portal. It is easy for you to upload new photos and announcements, then we pull those into your site.

You’ll need to follow both of these steps outlined below:

From Your Phone – Switch to a Professional Account
1. Open your Instagram app
2. View your Profile by clicking in the bottom-right
3. Then press the Menu button in the upper-right (3 lines)
4. Select Settings and click on Account
5. At the bottom, click “Professional Account” and setup your Business

From Your Computer – Connect Your Instagram Business
1. Select your Facebook Page
2. From your Business Page, click “Settings” in the upper-right
3. Select Instagram from the left-side navigation
4. Connect your Instagram Business profile and Save!